In the last ten years the economy of Sudan has grown dramatically where the influx of foreign investments, entrepreneurs and International groups increased significantly. A lot of latent potentials came to the fore because of the new changes and this brought huge opportunities.

The Chairman of Nobles Group predicted new economic and political changes that will overwhelm Sudan, and that there will be sweeping waves in the economy in the coming years where by solid founded companies will have the big share in the coming harvest, realizing that Sudan is aiming at providing seed money to encourage foreign investments, commercialization and to create an upward spiral in the economy.

For that purpose NOBLES GROUP was established with a vision that NOBLES will highly and steadily surf the waves of changes by following a pattern of business diversification in various business industries such as but not limited to: Road / Bridges Construction, Industrial Fabrication, Assembling Factory, Education, General Transport, General Trading, Advertising/Media, and Real Estate