Royal Care International Hospital

Royal Care International Hospital aims to be the paramount hospital in the region. The application of such high class and sophisticated medical equipment and the utilization of highly skilled and professional doctors and nurses will surely place our hospital with the top international hospitals in the world that provide quality health care. This project is definitely going to have a massive affirmative impact on the Sudanese Health System.

Royal Care International Hospital illustrates the immense efforts that have gone into producing the most excellent quality health care, of international standards, to the Sudanese population and its neighboring countries. The hospital is a model of a first-class international health institution that is not found anywhere in Sudan or its surrounding regions.

Using the latest modern, high-tech medical equipment, obtained from the world's leading manufacturers combined with the best international and local doctors and international nurses, the hospital will provide services that shall improve and facilitate medical services within the country and in the African region.

The hospital will provide high quality health care which is responsive to people's needs. It will operate internationally acclaimed medical services by adopting policies where patient care always comes first. It will be the type of service that not only has the best health outcome for patients, but also puts the patient at the center of its care.